I’d been to countless basketball tournaments over the years. But this time, I found myself focusing past the echoes of squeaking sneakers on hardwood, and the games going on in every direction. Just beyond the bleachers where I’d been taking in the action, players from a couple of teams were shuffling around for combs, clean pairs of socks and the rest of their belongings in between games. Nowhere to shower. Nowhere to clean up. Honestly, they smelled like bulls.

I saw an opportunity. What if there was a way for those players to freshen up?

That’s where the idea for athletic face and body wipes came – a product specially formulated to help athletes cool down,
wipe away dirt and grime, and leave skin feeling hydrated and smooth – was born. I surveyed more than 1,000 active males, ages 12 to 60, and learned they were using everything from baby wipes to women’s cleansing products.

I knew I was onto something and that I’d be able to tap my experience in brand marketing and consumer products – particularly in the sports arena – to bring the idea to life. So I launched Game Face Grooming and invested in the creation of our face and body wipes, all to be manufactured in the US. It was a matter of finding a retailer who believed in what we had.

Our big break came in 2016 at Walmart’s U.S. Manufacturing Summit. As part of its pledge to purchase products that support the creation of American jobs, Walmart assisted us in bringing our Cleansing and Deodorizing Wipes to 3,000 plus stores across the country.

Walmart saw the market for a product like ours and it meant something that it’s manufactured right here in the U.S. In the years ahead, we plan to expand our line of products to contribute to the continuing evolution of men’s grooming – because this goes far beyond athletes.

- Philip Williams (Founder & CEO)