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i-Firm is the perfect solution for athletes of all ages and skin types who want to tighten and lift areas on their face, quickly and on-the-go. With compact packaging and easy application process, you can start to see results in just 4 minutes - perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle! Effects can last up to 7 hours, so you can look and feel confident after a hard workout. Our advanced formula uses Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 and Tightening Clays to achieve tighter skin and desired results naturally, without expensive visits to doctors that require needle injections.

10 Applications (5 portable vials with 2 applications in each).






    Notice Residue?

    When applied correctly, Hydralift is designed to leave behind no residue. If there is noticeable white residue, too much product has been applied.

    Quick Fix: Gently pat the area with a damp cloth. Try not to rub the area.

    If you do rub too much, we recommend a clean slate - use a mild cleanser to clean the area, pat dry, and start over.

    Uneven Application?

    Make sure you are applying Hydralift with a tapping motion. Do NOT rub the product in. An application that is uneven, or facial movement during the setting process may cause a lesser effect. Keep in mind that every skin type is different. We recommend practicing application to find your perfect application amount. Push yourself to remain as still as possible during the application process.

    PRO TIP: A slight breeze of cool air (fanning) can strengthen and accelerate Hydralift's effects.

    Using Other Cosmetics and Products with Hydralift?

    If using a moisturizer, apply BEFORE applying Hydralift. Set your timer and wait 20 minutes for moisturizer to be fully absorbed by your skin.

    If using makeup with Hydralift, apply AFTER applying Hydralift.

    We recommend using oil-free products, and apply them very lightly over the area after Hydralift has set in.

    PRO TIP: Pressed and loose powder work the best!