Game Face Off The Field

Game Face Grooming’s mission is not only to provide quality products for athletes, casual gym goers, and families, but also to use our platform to help our local communities. Our face and body wipes are naturally formulated and have been used to help many stay safe during this time. Sanitation and personal hygiene have been highlighted more than ever in the media, but Game Face Grooming has always been dedicated to keeping clean. We have had a great partnership with the local Retro Fitness gym. Game Face wipes have been available for gym goers in the past, but now with the reopening of these types of facilities it’s even more important for everyone to stay safe. “Our members really like the wipes performance and smell. Sell through thus far has been very good” said Connor at Retro Fitness. 


Game Face Grooming is proud to partner with local businesses, and to donate products to organizations such as the YMCA and 570 Sports Camps. In addition to these partnerships, we have launched our own initiative to further help our urban and suburban communities. Our goal is to contribute to the improvement of our local communities through events that are geared towards refurbishing local parks and recreation centers. Through the Common Ground Initiative, Game Face will partner with our national retail partners and community leaders to refurbish courts, fields, and parks in inner-city communities. 

During this time, we are also looking to highlight the work being done by our frontline workers. They have given us their all at the depths of a worldwide pandemic and they continue to do the same as we fight to a cure. Game Face Grooming believes in giving back to everyone, from nurses to truck drivers. As a thank you for their hard work, for every pack of Game Face Warrior Wipes sold we will donate wipes to frontline workers across the country. So far, we have donated 250 units of sanitizing products to the EMT workers at University Hospital, Newark New Jersey. 

We will continue to dedicate our efforts to providing high quality products to our customers and partners, while supporting our local community, youth organizations, and our frontline workers.